Deploy solar energy, simplify your actions!

O'Sol is developing a solar energy solution for mobile, temporary or emergency applications.

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We have defined the brand's personality, values, vision, and philosophy so that O'Sol has a strong brand identity that is recognizable to investors. The archetype of the hero is put forward with the technological and innovative aspect of the generator and the archetype of the guardian angel, secondary archetype, reinforces the personality of the hero and highlight the values of the start up: solidarity , humanism and creativity.

Brand territory


The O'Sol logo refers to the notion of renewable energy with the sun as its main source. That's why it incorporates a spatial dimension with satellites around the power source, so as to accentuate the universe and community aspect around the generator, O'Sol's flagship product. These satellites symbolize the interconnectivity of the generators.

Content marketing and communication tools

Content optimization and user experience

In order to get the right message out to investors, provide a great browsing experience and optimize content for SEO, we guided the O'Sol editorial team in their writing process.

Content marketing and communication tools

Website design

The website has been built around its generator and its properties to guide potential investors and federate them around this innovative project. The different areas of application are highlighted. From the technical characteristics to the company's history, everything is there to arouse the desire to join the adventure.

Content marketing and communication tools


Always in this desire to make the communication tools uniform with a clear message, we made the mock-upl of their business cards and their roll up.

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He trusted us

Professional and efficient agency. They supported us on the definition of our brand image and our communication strategy. They are always listening, adaptable and responsive!

Idriss SISAID - O'Sol Co-founder