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The essentials of digital communication for companies

The essentials of <strong>digital communication</strong>

Couleur Velvet Communication gives you its secrets in digital communication and those of various experts in this free eBook. SEO, SEA, social media, emailing, influential marketing and a lot more subjects are covered.

Learn how to:

Identify successful communication levers for your activity

Boost your website's performances

Optimize your digital communication

Engage your community

The essentials of digital communication
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Chapitre 1 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects


Why is it important to optimize your website for search engines and how can you use SEO properly? Why is your content so important? What is an on-page strategy and an off-page strategy and why both need to be complementary? Find out in our free eBook, SEO won't have any secret for you anymore!

Contribution of Neocamino, Thomas Cubel, Conseils marketing, SEObserver, ICERANKING and Miss SEO Girl

Chapitre 2 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects


Pet peeve of many companies today, SEA, also known as search engine advertising, is yet an efficient digital communication tool when well optimized. Discover the keys of search engine advertising in this eBook as well as another efficient alternative, social media advertising.

Contribution of Couleur Velvet Communication

Chapitre 3 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects

The power of social media

If you are still wondering how useful social media can be for your business, download this free eBook right now! You'll find at least one reason to use social media for your company in that section, as well as good practices from our two experts to boost your digital communication.

Contribution of LinkedIn and Mari Smith

Chapitre 4 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects

Email Marketing

Correctly targeted, emails alone can generate up to 36% of the overall company's revenue. You want to get started ? You'll find in this eBook, The Essentials of Digital Communication for companies, all the good practices and tips to build an efficient email marketing strategy.

Contribution of Maijet

Chapitre 5 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects

Chatbot and live chat

More and more demanding, internet users are looking for real time responses from brands. In this digital communication eBook we give you the keys to engage your visitors on your website thanks to chatbots and live chat.

Contribution of Crisp

Chapitre 6 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects

Mobile first

Google officially announced last September that mobile requests had exceeded those on computers. Therefore, becoming mobile first has to be one of your priority! In this eBook, we explain what is really being mobile first, how to implement it as well as the added value it will bring to your business.

Contribution of Mobibot

Chapitre 7 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects

Content Marketing

What is content marketing and what can it bring to your company ? What are the good practices to apply in order to have an efficient content marketing strategy ? Discover in this eBook how to drive traffic to your website thanks to your content and why content marketing has to be integrated into your global digital communication strategy.

Contribution of SEMRush and LinkedIn

Chapitre 8 Ebook Communication Digitale

Digital communication subjects

Influencer Marketing

Today, influencers are playing an important role regarding your brand communication. If you are wondering how to benefit from influencer marketing and its advantages for your company, download this eBook right away.

Contribution of Magnave

They loved it

Marketing experts, consultants and entrepreneurs share with you their feedback on this digital communication eBook.

  • Lucas Grimont, CEO at BrainyUP and SEO trainer
    Lucas Grimont, CEO at BrainyUP and SEO trainer

    Working in a computing start-up, I have to communicate regularly, convince and sell through the internet.

    In this context, I was looking for summaries and checklists for my daily tasks, to see possible improvements.

    Quickly, I found THE Bible, Couleur Velvet's white paper dealing with the essentials of digital communication for businesses.

    Well beyond my expectations, I found information, prioritized recommendations, application examples, expert tips ... and the checklists I was looking for initially.

    This synthesis of information, exploring each digital marketing aspects, is clearly essential to any company communicating on the Internet.

  • Sébastien Tedesco, Entrepreneur and founder of Qstos
    Sébastien Tedesco, Entrepreneur and founder of Qstos

    As a recent business creator, this white paper is a wealth of useful information! It is extremely complete, well designed and very pleasant to read!

    It's a real toolbox. Expert testimonials help you to understand the future of digital communication.

    I was able to confront and validate my digital communication strategy, particularly on the topics of social networks and emailing.

    Perfect !

  • Flora Desbrosses, Consultant in social media strategy
    Flora Desbrosses, Consultant in social media strategy

    Here is a book that is practical and easy to read. Chapter 3 on Social Networks offers a good methodology and allows those wishing to effectively apprehend their communication on social media to embark with a guide to follow.

    Choosing to develop your company's presence on social media requires a strategic vision and you will find all the tools to help you in your decision such as the choice of social media on which you will invest.

    Finally, the valuable advice offered by Marine Lucas, Senior Marketing Manager at Linkedin France, are the basic principles of an effective use of this professional social media that will boost your business without a doubt if you devote a few minutes a day.

  • Michele Mossali, Marketing Director at Guides-Shopping
    Michele Mossali, Marketing Director at Guides-Shopping

    I found this eBook very interesting and especially suitable for all professionals. Suitable for all digital players, who wish to boost their business, but also as a basic manual for anyone who needs more visibility or generate sales through the internet and even for traditional businesses wishing to digitize their activity.

    Even me, who work every day for hundreds of eCommerce shops, I have been able to take advantage of this eBook to discover new solutions.

  • Jean-Paul Jayat, Business Development Consultant
    Jean-Paul Jayat, Business Development Consultant

    More than a communication tools inventory , this white paper highlights the importance of having a vision of your desired company?s development. To have, then, managed to transcribe it in a global communication strategy. Does learning to do everything alone (and the lengthening of duration that implies) is a good strategy?

The essentials of digital communication

Who is this eBook for?

You are a project owner and need to be visible on the internet? You want to acquire new customers thanks to your website? This eBook will give you a global vision of the digital communication and will guide you regarding the best practices to perform on the internet.

You are starting in digital communication and want to get to the next level? You need to be guided to acquire the right automations? This eBook will provide you tips to boost your digital communication as well as all the good practices to go further.

Marketing has no secret for you anymore, however you want to be abreast of the latest trends in digital communication? This eBook will bring you your daily monitoring by scanning all the key topics of digital marketing in 2018.

Assist your clients in their digital development thanks to this eBook and tips of various experts. Thus, you'll be able to guide your clients in their communication choices.

You are simply curious to know what's hiding in that eBook or interested in digital communication? Don't wait and download it for free to discover our secrets, and who knows... it may make you want to get started after that!


They are part of the digital communication adventure

Marine Lucas, LinkedIn
Marine Lucas

Marine Lucas is Senior Marketing Manager for LinkedIn Marketing France. She assists French and international companies in their notoriety and acquisition issues. Intrapreneur at heart, she is passionate about innovative and strategic approaches to do marketing and sales in a constantly evolving context.

Mari Smith, Skeerel
Mari Smith

Often referred to as "the Queen of Facebook," Mari Smith is considered one of the world's foremost experts on Facebook marketing and social media. She is a Forbes' Top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day. She is a recognized Facebook Partner; Facebook headhunted and hired Mari to lead the Boost Your Business series of live events across the US. Her digital marketing agency provides professional speaking, training and consulting services on Facebook and Instagram marketing best practices for Fortune 500 companies, brands, SMBs and direct sales organizations.

Alina Petrova, LinkedIn
Alina Petrova

Alina Petrova is the Content Marketing Manager at SEMrush, an all-in-one digital suite for marketing specialists. Expert in content creation and distribution, she sets up a Content Marketing strategy within her marketing team. Alina is also the creator and editor of the SEMrush French blog.

Julie Paci, Mailjet
Julie Paci

Passionate about marketing and new technologies, Julie Paci is in charge of defining and implementing the marketing strategy for France at Mailjet, the European leader in sending marketing and transactional emails.

Cédric Brun, Iceranking
Cédric Brun

Founder of the SEO agency ICERANKING, Cédric Brun has been offering advanced SEO services for 12 years. Passionate about SEO, he tests and looks constantly for new durable solutions to gain positions on search engine result pages.

Florian Pradines, Skeerel
Florian Pradines

Florian is a computer engineer specialized in security and cryptography. In 2017, he created ArcanSecurity, a company focused on passwordless authentication. His main goal is to develop solutions that embrace security and simplicity.

Thomas Cubel
Thomas Cubel

Thomas Cubel is a SEO consultant and entrepreneur, he guides companies in their SEO strategy and is passionate about the new digital trends.

Camille Blaise, Neocamino
Camille Blaise

Camille is one of the founder of Neocamino, the communication solution for business creators, independants and owners who want to find customers through the internet.

Baptiste Jamin, Crisp
Baptiste Jamin

Baptiste Jamin is the CEO of Crisp, a multi-channel customer support solution. After working in the customer relation sector at orange, he stopped by l'École 42. That's when Crisp is created, in 2015.

Benoît Gaillat, Mobibot
Benoît Gaillat

Benoît Gaillat graduated from HETIC, he's been specializing in e-commerce for 2004 and launched Mobibot in 2017. Previously Head of E-commerce for several years in many large groups and after managing an E-commerce consulting company, Benoît chose to create which is a startup dedicated to the improvement of mobile e-commerce.

Frédéric Canevet, ConseilsMarketing
Frédéric Canevet

Frédéric Canevet is Product Manager at Eloquant (a customer relation solution), blogger and consultant on, as well as author of "The Growth Hacking" published by Dunod.

Swann Guillet, Magnave
Swann Guillet

Swann Guillet is the founder and CEO of MAGNAVE, an influential marketing agency combining creativity and technology.

Alexandra Martin, SEO Girl
Alexandra Martin

Alexandra Martin, aka Miss Seo Girl, is an SEO Consultant and head of the Miss Seo Girl blog where she shares her passion for SEO. Alexandra is also co-author of the two books published with Eyrolles: "Techniques de référencement web" with Mathieu Chartier and "Stratégie de contenu e-commerce" with Eve Demange.