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Founded in 2014, Couleur Velvet is a major player in the digital communication sector.

Expertise, creativity and technology allow us to guide companies to their success.


Couleur Velvet evolves alongside its clients

Companies operate in a strong competitive environment and face complex transitions. Digital has become an essential communication channel in order to maintain or obtain new market shares, but this universe remains difficult to apprehend by companies.

Our digital branding agency is thus evolving towards solutions built around skill centers to help companies deal with the challenges and developments of our world.

Sandrine, CEO

Your first contact at Couleur Velvet

Sandrine JULIEN


Self-made-woman, in constant search of evolution of her company and that of its clients, Sandrine puts forward an ambitious philosophy which is part of a win-win relationship.

During the project brief, Sandrine's primary mission is to listen to and understand our future clients in order to define an action plan according to their specific objectives.

Very well integrated locally, Sandrine invests with major associations and has become a figure of some networks such as Commercial Leaders of France, Women Entrepreneurs, or French Tech Côte d'Azur through Cannes is Up.

During the realization of our mission, our clients can be brought to meet our designers who apply their know-how in close collaboration with all the actors of the project.


On a day-to-day basis, Couleur Velvet creates opportunities for its clients

Our major challenge is to bring innovation, technology and our science to our clients' services that we turn into opportunities for them. We optimize their growth thanks to today's digital tools.

The approach of our digital branding agency:

Success has to be achieved in the early stages of the relationship, even before a contract is signed. Listening to the client is a concept that everyone is talking about, that's why we try to bring evidence from our first interviews by quickly proposing a tailor-made solution.

Moreover, we work in a spirit of common purpose. This guarantees a choice of suitable solutions and a 360 ° openness, but also a frankness and a respectful freedom of speech in our relations.

Our digital branding agency offers comprehensive and upscale business support. This is done by optimizing, client after client, our working process and positioning ourselves as real long term partners.

At each stage we implement the best practices allowing our clients to correctly understand the mission, or to integrate us into their teams as project managers.

This reflects our strong desire to support them over time, as it is a long-term vision that allows growth.

The completeness of our digital communication skills is a major asset. Our team has in-house expertise in digital marketing but also in UX / UI design, gamification and web development. It's the perfect combination of creativity, intelligence and technology.

Our mission of increasing turnover for the companies we support leads us to collaborate with other partners. These partners can intervene in areas such as business strategy, marketing, or the production of video content. Thus we bring a global vision and we create a favorable context for success.

The experience has led Couleur Velvet to become a training center to offer high-level masterclasses to address issues or problems that can not always be solved externally. Supporting more autonomy or improving team performance in terms of social selling, personal branding or any other actions to increase results through digital communication has become a major focus of our mission.