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Sandrine Julien, Fondatrice dirigeante Couleur Velvet Communication

At Couleur Velvet we have the chance to meet entrepreneurs from different horizons: they share their projects with us, their goals. We are always motivated to listen to these creative people because we are happy to participate to their success by making them visible and credible. Thus, the diversity of our clients is our source of inspiration, we never get bored thanks to them and we are willing to unveil their visibility power !

Sandrine Julien, CEO Couleur Velvet Communication

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Ilda Coppa, coach professionnelle

My experience with Couleur Velvet... much more than a simple service provider: a real "partner"!

Couleur Velvet, Sandrine Julien and her team guided me to build my company's communication strategy.

I initially requested Couleur Velvet to create my website, very happy on various points such as their availability, responsiveness, quality of services and advice, I continued the adventure with the naming of my company, its logo, business cards and all the communication mediums

Couleur Velvet is a trusted "partner" that I can consult every time I need a communication advice thanks to their availability and expertise.

Ilda Coppa, professional coach
Michèle Mataso, courtière en assurance

I thank you for the amazing job you've done on the creation of my company's logo as well as on the design of my brochures.

While the allocated time was very short to do the job, your reactivity and ponctuality allowed me to have my brochures at the scheduled date of my meeting.

I'll make sure to recommend you.

Michèle Mataso, insurance broker
Guillaume Hugues témoigne pour Couleur Velvet

I really appreciated the various exchanges we had to create the perfect logo for my company. Couleur Velvet proposed different original and creative ideas to build my visual identity and we worked on a specific one for a long time pixel by pixel! The final logo has been declined in different versions for each case. Today this logo is my corporate identity and will soon be deposited worldwide.

Guillaume Hugues, Founder of Honey Instruments
Stéphanie Peirello

An involved, attentive, dynamic, pro-active and friendly team. I ordered them my brand identity which fully satisfied me. I trully recommend Couleur Velvet.

Stéphanie Peirello
Éric Lollichon, fondateur de Need4Staff

Couleur Velvet is just like its founder. It's an available and responsive communication agency and its support was more than useful to structure our communication strategy.

Éric Lollichon, founder of Need4Staff
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